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Another Life The message rang in my ear. I could not believe what I was hearing. My body had gone completely numb. I no longer could feel myself sitting, but only felt sharp ice cold pains that the table was sending through my body. This just can not be true. I do not have time for this. How could I have this happen to me? I wanted to speak but could not find the words. What was there to say? I sat on that cold icy table, his eyes watching with concern. As I sat there, I remembered when I was 10 years old, playing in the garden. Red roses were everywhere. My mother always yelled at me for playing in the garden. She said that her roses were her favorite and that I should not ruin them. How I long for my mother now. I miss her voice and…show more content…
He felt so bad and bought me another to replace the one all over me. His eyes were kind and soft. He gave me the drink and then we both sat down and talked with one another the rest of the day. He asked me out on a date. I never knew that he was going to be the one. When he proposed to me on that beach, I was overwhelmed with joy. Now that joy seems like another life ago. It is something I will never have again. As I am driving, I see the children playing and running around. The smiles on their faces make me jealous. I then think about the children Jake and I could have had. He would have one of each, Anne and Jason. Anne would look like me and Jason would look like Jake. We would live on a beach, with the house on the shore. The house would be white, with a fence around it. It would be 2 stories. There would be 4 bedrooms, each about the same size so that no one would fight over the bigger room. The house would have dozens of windows that made the it seem light and open. I know now that it is in another life. Reality is that I will not have kids. Anne and Jason will never be. My big white house on the beach would never become a reality. Jake would move on, and find someone else to love and to cherish. I do not want to go home. I want to go somewhere where I know is my happy place. There is an old trail in the town that I grew up in. It was only have a 45 minute drive, but it was worth it. I went to this trail a lot growing up. It was the trail I went to

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