My Life - Original Writing

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Everyone knows how it feels to be exiled. No one has been in on everything they wanted to when they wanted it. I wanted everything in my life to be forced. I cannot control everything in my life not now and especially not when I was young. I tried so hard to get everything done the way I wanted it when I wanted it but then my life changed and it changed fast. When I three years old my mom and dad got divorced. After that my brother, mom, and I moved around a lot for the next two years. The neighborhoods we lived in didn’t happen to be ideal. My mom eventually got remarried when I was five. Not even a year later my father died. In this short time span I didn’t really comprehend what was going on and that I really lost my father. I didn’t…show more content…
I worked late and tried to balance schoolwork friends and chores. In doing all of this means that I never really experience the party life or whatever you call it. So when I came to Tallahassee I wanted to get that experience. That experience was soon to give me stories to tell my friends back home and future family. It didn’t turn out as planned. When I first got here to Tallahassee I went out everyday. I had no class and I never had to wake up early so why not? I always heard stories from my friends of how crazy it is at FSU and how stories people had from going out. I wanted those stories; I wanted to have stories to tell my kids also before they went off for college. Tallahassee turned out to be no joke, the first two nights flew by and I had stories, but the stories just weren’t crazy enough. After those two nights the next to nights put me on my butt. The first night I wasn’t able to function the next morning and it was a very foggy memory. I should’ve learned my lesson the first time; I’m just a very stubborn person I guess. The next time I went and did the same thing at a different place expecting a different result. That really is the definition of insanity. I’ve learned that doing this isn’t the way to have stories because you can’t fully remember the stories anyways. In the morning or that night you end up puking or worse. My friends say
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