My Life - Original Writing

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I only saw Sunhat Girl once, and yet, once was enough to change my destiny. It was a bitterly hot day in early August, humid and muggy. Exactly the type of day that saps the life out of anyone silly enough to go out for a full-length shopping day with a list as long as the Saskatchewan river. And yet there I was, dragging myself around town, my tired feet longing for the soft couch back at home, while the list in my purse demanded at least another hour 's worth of shopping. Even a double-shot espresso wasn 't enough to keep my energy levels up/ I stepped out of the vehicle, and was immediately bombarded with an intense wave of heat. I made my way towards the mall entrance as quickly as I could, and even as I stepped through the…show more content…
"I really am sorry," she said, reaching down and picking up the bag that had dropped out of her hand. "I should 've been paying more attention to where I was walking." The girl 's sentence ended almost musically, as if she was laughing at herself. "No, no, it was me," I insisted. To be honest, I wasn 't even thinking about what I was saying; I was engrossed by this... Sunhat Girl. Maybe it was the bright light in her eyes, or the laughter that peeped out of the corner of her mouth, or maybe it was just the air she carried; I just knew there was something enigmatic about her. Sunhat Girl watched me, and I embarrassingly realized I must 've been staring at her. "Sorry," I mumbled. "Oh, it 's okay," she responded, again sounding as if laughter was dripping into her voice. "Isn 't it superbly hot out? I felt like a flower wilting the moment I stepped outside. Then again, it is the perfect type of day to swim in a pool." I nodded. Sunhat Girl cocked her head, a tendril of black hair slipping across her cheeks. "My name is-" Do you know, even to this day, I cannot remember her name? I know I told her that my name is Jacqueline, and that I was out doing errands for my mother, and that I 'm a student at the Parkland College, and that I work at Wal-Mart, but I dream of writing a novel that makes it to the bestseller list. In fact, Sunhat Girl drew me out, gazing at me with her brown eyes, as if what I was telling her meant the
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