My Life - Original Writing Essay

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Reaching for my left hand, he lifted it to his lips and kissed it. I pulled my hand away quickly. “I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate you sitting on his seat and talking to his girlfriend.” “I know your boyfriend Ms. Loran. Brian and my half-brother Philip went to school together. My brother’s name is Phil Tatum. He still lives in NY. Do you know him?” “Yes…Oh. You are full of surprises. I met your brother at a fundraiser a month ago. Your brother is such a wonderful man.” He crossed his leg, letting his ankle rest on his knee with an air of arrogance. He leaned toward me and said with the sexiest voice I had ever heard, “You’ll be surprised to know he mention meeting you.” Surprise, I responded. “Oh?” “Believe me when I tell you, his description did not do you justice. You are exquisite.” Noticing my bashfulness, he changed the subject. He moved back, placing his hand on the back of the seat opposite to me. Then he licked his lips and asked, “What brings you to Rome?” “Business.” The waiter came by our table and took my order and handed my Leonardo a menu. “He is not dining with me.” I stated quickly. He smiled and the resemblance to his brother Phil became evident. Out of the corner of my eyes, I caught sight of Brian coming into the hotel with a very beautiful blonde-haired woman wrapped around his arm. They were laughing hysterically. “Please, excuse me for just a moment. I need to make a quick call.” While Brian and his

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