My Life - Original Writing

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Recently, I heard some rather grim gossip about my old babysitter which made me think of a particular summer morning, bookmarked in my long-term memory.
During the school holidays in my ninth summer, I was lying under the garden tree, staring at a singular leaf that was eclipsing the summer sun as the zephyr tenderly blew it back and forth; giving it a seductive allure, while thinking about the previous night. Mother and father were having an agitated discussion downstairs in the living room. Sitting on my bed not able to sleep; listening to the muffled nouns and verbs fencing between them, Until my father screamed with the utmost burning clarity "every cloud has a silver lining" followed by a slam of the front door. Not comprehending the ironic tinge my father used back then and shaken by the force of the yell; caused an internal turbulence in my skull. I grabbed my pillow and clamped it around my head: Just in case, he was coming back to shout and slam more doors. After a while, I summoned an inkling of courage to listen. All I could hear were my mother 's silent weeps, I guess not so silent, as I could hear it from upstairs. As I laid under the tree the next day, masticating the proverb, every cloud has a silver lining. Surely the leaf I 'm looking at must have a gold one, was the idea that came to a mind not yet limited by conventional means, more a child 's jejune, like an original scribble.
Beside me, parked in the two-week pre-cut grass, were my matchbox…

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