My Life - Original Writing

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was thinking about the stuff I needed to bring from home when suddenly, a coughing sound caught my attention. Feeling contented, I threw a quick glance at my father. To my disappointment, he was still on his bed motionless with only his chest faintly moving up and down. The continuous wheezing noise that he was making clearly revealed his breathing difficulty. I felt dejected. It hurt me to see him in this much pain. "Please open your eyes Papa... Please! I am dying to see them. Please look at me... talk to me... do anything but just don 't stay silent. You don 't know how much it 's driving me insane." I muttered under the breath as I began to rub my chest in a soothing manner while my left hand clutched his arms tightly. It 's been my nature since childhood or a problem I should say. Whenever something close to my heart affected me deeply, not only tears, but also throbbing ache found its way to my chest, adding more to my already miserable state. It had been quite a long time since my father had lost his consciousness. Yet, there was no sign of any improvement. It was terrible since the doctors informed me earlier that if my father doesn 't wake up within the allocated time slot, he might lapse into a coma. Suddenly, I felt a warm touch on my shoulder. My heart skipped a beat as I wasn 't really expecting anyone at that moment. As I turned around to see the figure, dark brown eyes met my gray ones. I stared at the person in bewilderment. Although the face seemed

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