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Everything’s happening so rapidly, a month ago, my dad was fresh out of neck surgery, incredibly improved and feeling better than he had in at least a decade. Then suddenly one morning… Bam! I heard my mother shouting my father’s name, it took a moment to realize the urgency in her voice. I ran to my older brother’s room, yelling at him to get up and go see what is going on. I was instructed to remain downstairs while my older brother called 911. My brothers and I waited anxiously in my bedroom waiting to hear something, anything, from an adult. The paramedics took forever to arrive. Having collapsed, my father was rushed to the hospital, soon to be airlifted to another. No one explained what the problem might be, but told us to “hold on” and to “be strong”. I barely had a chance to say goodbye to him, for he was gone within 48 hours, never regaining consciousness. My mind is still processing what happened when I was just 15 years old. While my mom was deployed to Afghanistan for six months, I had to get used to living with only my dad around. Now, I must learn how to live without him…Permanently… “What will I do when I must return to school?”, “How will I confront my friends, while fighting all the tears and heartbreak?” All of these thoughts circulated through my imagination during the days leading up to my arrival back into the outside world. Truly concerned that it would be difficult to find my way for a long while, my mind begins to wander. There to take me to
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