My Life

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So many wonderful things have happened in my life and I am thankful every day for it. My family is very supportive and are always there for me whenever I need them. They support me about my decision on what to go to college for and they are always pushing me to try harder and put myself out there. They have made the first eighteen years of my life great and I don’t know how I will ever repay them. When I ask myself, what has make a strong impact in my life, the first thing that comes to mind is the day I finally decided to go to school for nursing. All throughout my high school years, I could not decide what to go to college for or even if I wanted to go to college. I feel like this has made the biggest impact on me because the rest of my life will be based on this decision I have made. My future will run off this decision and I can’t wait to see where I go in life with it and how I will be helping people. Before I decided if I was going to go to college or not, I had my heart set on the Airforce. Ever since I was in sixth grade, I had been telling myself that I was going to be an Airforce nurse. This was all before my cousin, Cailee, had gone to college. Freshman year of high school, all she would talk about was college and how much she loved it. She said that was where she found her best friends that she still has today. It was also where she met the love of her life, Doug. This kind of helped me decide on the Airforce.
Going into the Airforce is a wonderful thing, but
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