My Life Paragonned to the Women in the Asher Lev Books by Chaim Potok

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“Asher Lev, an artist is a person first. He is an individual. If there is no person, there is no artist” (Chaim Potok). An individual with different characteristics has a different mindset, attitude, confidence and respect from those around them. In Asher Lev by Chaim Potok, Asher is a Ladover Hasid who grows up in a Hasidic community, who is deeply committed to his Jewish faith and finds difficulty between the expectations of his traditions and his gift. He is an individual with a broad mindset, who wants to do things inversely. He does not try to mold himself into the society because he knows he would lose his identity; therefore, he constructs his attitude towards himself, which helps him improve as an artist. His father, Aryeh is the…show more content…
However, I wasted two years of my life serving her family and succeeding my mother’s footsteps. The structure of the Indian society has built on family values, respect towards elders and the conservative awareness tops the way for arranging marriages. Women are restricted to move independently in the society; her parents make their life choices, then her husband makes decisions for her after marriage. “The Rebbe gave his permission that September, I entered the Ladover yeshiva, my mother entered Brooklyn’s College, and my father resumed his journeys for the Rebbe. I had stopped drawing” (52). In the novel, Rebbe makes the decision for Rivkeh in a certain situation. For instance, when she wants to go to college, even though she was depressed and sick for years, Rebbe permits her to go to college to complete her brother’s work not because she wanted to acquire education. Likewise, I was unable to complete my college at a certain age, because it was time for me to get married and later, along the years, I can complete my education after marriage, uncertainty of my future husband permitting me to finish it. Ultimately, being an artist, my talent was just praised not motivated. I had a passion to become a fine artist, but I was so restricted to do anything with it that I wasted my years working and not concentrating on my passion. There was a phase in my life, where I was pressured to look for a man within our community for marriage. I had men interested and

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