My Life Past Present & Future

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My Life past Present & Future
Throughout my life, I had many challenges I was raise by a single mother which has its challenges. At the age of 13 I was brought to New York City and I was forced to learn a new culture, language and customs. I was taught to be independent and work hard. Returning to college as an adult, with family and children, it’s a challenge but being able to complete my degree has being a long time goal. Being able to give my children and myself a better life it’s something I have to do.

I. My Early years
• Being Raise By A Single Mother
• Values
• Responsibility
II. My Childhood
• Moving to New York City
III. Adulthood
• Children
• My job
• College As an Adult
• My Academic Goals
• Life After Graduating
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I putted all my effort in learning the language and learning the transportation system. After a couple of months in New York things started to get better, made new friends and I started to understand the language more. Twenty one year’s later I’m still in New York and loving it.

At age 25 I was informed that my chances of ever becoming pregnant was basically none. I have a history of different problems related to my reproduction system. I was devastated with the news, a lot of sleepless nights. I just couldn’t cope with the idea of not being able to conceive. I said to myself that I was going to exhausted out all the solutions to my problem. I actually ended up going to five different specialists. The last doctor I saw gave me a little bit of good news; I started a treatment that lasted two years. I also started doing home remedies suggested by my mother and grandmother. I did everything I was told or suggested by friends, family and coworkers. After years of trying and doing all the different things, I started researching of other ways of becoming a mother. I researched on surrogate and adopting, I was determine to make it happen one way or the other. At age 31, six years after everything started I was blessed and became pregnant with a baby boy. A year later I became pregnant again with a baby girl. God helped and my determination and

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