My Life Problems

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Living a happy life isn’t without problems (dragons) but, being able to control (tame) them. For me, I’ve had and still have many problems in my life that are all around me and with me. As much as going to college to improve my life it came with the increasing amount of problem. Problems that affected my outside life but mostly created problems with my educational life. As I deal with these problems there are some that stand out in front of other problems and one of those problems is decisiveness knowing right from wrong. Should I do it or not? Am I ok with the final product? Am I right? These are some questions that I ask myself almost every day in life. There are two types of decisions there are good decisions and bad, and guess what type I would pick? Neither because I could never decide what decision is truly good or bad. Decisiveness is natural it comes with the gut feeling but I was always the one to question my know gut feeling. My decision-making as always affected me outside school social life and work done more bad than good. I miss a lot of opportunities from decisions I took and didn't take. My problem with decision-making has always affected me in school I wasn’t a straight-A student I was never the one to hand in an assignment early. One time in English class we had to pick a book to do seven-page report on and I picked a book I thought would be good. So I started writing the paper when I realized there's no way I could write seven pages. I had the
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