My Life : Ralston Mckenzie

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I remember when I first met my now husband to be, Ralston McKenzie. It was on January 19th, 2011 during my first cruise upon the Carnival Cruise Ship. It was an experience that I least expected, considering I was not on a journey to finding love. Amongst other things in my life, I felt that I knew what I wanted in life. God however had prevailed once again and showed me “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. (King James Version, Isaiah 55:8) There I was attending The Ultimate Cruise Experience Captain’s Ball dressed according to the theme that evening. I vividly remember that event since it was the purple and gold theme night and I was adorned in my favorite gold dress. It was after dinner and the entire UCE family gathered in the main lounge to pose for our group photo with the Captain. Our group consisted of slightly young professionals that were anxiously waiting to partake in “Ultimate Cruise Experience.” This annual trip earned its title as the “Judge Free Zone,” hence everyone there wanted to indulge in shameful activities. Which also contributed my lacking desire to encounter a personal relationship during this trip. Okay, now back to the story. Ralston was sitting on the couch wearing a very eye catching watch, black shades and looking extremely handsome in his black suit. I walked over and introduced myself and complimenting him on his attire. Now this is the part of our story that Ralston says differently, but for

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