My Life Seven Years Backwards

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Rewind my life seven years backwards. I was the youngest member in my department at work. A number of us were not happy with the way things were being handled with the union that I was a member. I honestly can not remember the actual reason that we were unhappy about. I just remember that we were attending meetings that the union holds to show that we were unhappy. Looking back, I was suckered into being the departments “mole” into the inner workings of this union. That was just a start, and I had my own reasons for getting involved. I knew if it was not for me I would not have done anything, but the union was a big unknown to me and that is all it took to be for me to be nudged into the role I was to play. After having a discussion with my father, who’s life experience I respect more than any other person I know, I was able to feel comfortable with my decision to become involved in the union. I became a site representative, which was just a title to me and carried no real weight, I was there to learn about what a so called union was and what did it really do for me. Little did I know I how much this simple trial was going to effect my life down the road. Now the decision to audit the meetings and become a site representative was merely dipping my toes into the shallow end. Once I had my own idea of what a union was or better yet, should be. Then while learning what it did for me an event happened that made me jump straight into the deep end and never look back.

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