My Life Through The World Is What Makes A Man?

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A big question across the world is “what makes a man?” Every person out there has memories and events that have molded them into the individuals that they have become today. Nothing describes these memories more than pictures and quotes that define these moments. Every time I see quotes or photographs, I think of all the stores that were tied to them and how these all turned out. These pictures and quotes define the chapters of my life in my ongoing book of life. Starting from my painful times that describe how I made it to where I am today. The pictures and quotes that are above are reminders to myself about how I became the strong, protective, and hardworking individual I am today. When I look at these I see my past and challenges that I…show more content…
This is where I learned that most people have not lived through what I have, and those who have more often than not let these keep them down. But for me I started to find myself and realize that no matter how hard things are I need to keep pushing. With all of this pain and agony still in my heart I started to wonder how I could help and get past this tragedy. I looked to my deceased friends favorite quote that he had repeated daily, “Remember the Good Times.” With all this going on I learned that there are two types of people: Ones who get things done, and ones who make excuses. I decided that instead of letting this tear away at my heart, I wanted to figure out how I could help others through this heartbreaking time. This quote of Keighton lights a fire inside of me that transforms me into an unstoppable monster. Anytime I need strength I look at his wise words to use before he rode off into the sky. Keighton and my towns problems made me realize that I should remember the great times I had with these people and push to complete my goals. This has helped me overcome all of the obstacles I would later face that year in wrestling. When wrestling season came around I was not only physically stronger but mentally stronger thanks to overcoming the worst month of my life. This came into play on the night above. Above you see a pair of “Sissy” wrestling shoes in the middle of the mat. Wrestling shoes in the middle of a mat signify a retiring
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