My Life Towards A Social Worker

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Throughout my life, I have had a deep passion for being a social worker. I have always appreciated the impact the field has on people’s lives, especially in its ability to instill positivity into a discouraged person’s life. I have high hopes that this is the best decision I am making in my life because I feel I have a position in touching the lives of others. I anticipate realizing my dreams in having a fulfilling life experience, especially when I am through with my academic journey. Also, I expect that this is the right time for me to make up my mind on the career choice and decide in advance the type of life I want to lead in the coming years. I expect that by joining social work, I will transition easily and integrate seamlessly with the community because of the principles I treasure. I value a high opinion of humanity and respect for dignity, and I am thus looking forward to dedicating my life towards a service career that is life-changing. Because of the impression it leaves, on peoples’ lives, the flexibility it offers, and the positive growth anticipated from the career, I believe that being a social worker provides the smartest idea of my career dreams. I have decided to choose this career because of the impact it has on people. I have grown up as a compassionate person upholding fundamental principles in my life. My major positives are that I am kind, honest, and obedient. In learning this, I was thrilled to realize how much of an impact I could have on
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