My Life Was Drastically Different Than It Is Today

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Ten years ago, my life was drastically different than it is today. Every single thing that’s happened to me has since impacted who I am as a person, and where I am now. Although, I have no regrets, there were some moments I experienced in my life that made me think otherwise. I remember the day so vividly. My sister and I were watching Teletubbies, when we heard our parents fighting. Screams, and shouts. Bangs and thumps. This was no new discovery, though. My sister glanced at me, and saw that I was scared, scared that our family would split apart. She took my hand and held it tightly; she nodded her head, giving me self-assurance, as I slowly wiped a tear drifting down my face. I jumped into bed, knowing that the next day might be the worst day possible, but I pulled the sheets over my head, and filled my brain with unicorns, rainbows, teddy bears, and hearts; all happy thoughts. I stayed in bed for the next hour, knowing that my presence would cause more problems to occur. My mom came to the room later that day, and noticed that I was sleeping, so she walked out. The next day, we were going to Ontario, but my dad wasn’t going to come, for some unknown reason. We went to the airport, while my mom slowly wiped tears streaming down her face before anyone could notice them. When we arrived in Ontario, Canada we were greeted by our cousins who we hadn’t seen for nearly a year. They hugged us, and cried for a while, and then they took us to their house. When we got there, we
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