My Life With A Good Guy Who Catches The Bad Guys

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When I was young I would love to run around with my childhood friends and pretend that we are cops. While some of our friend are the bad guys. I always enjoy playing as the good guy who catches the bad guys. I made a very good leader in the group, I told them the plan and how we are going to get the bad guys. I never did like Barbie dolls, I was always into boys toys when I was younger. My freshman year of high school I’ve thought about joining the military because of all the benefits and how much money I could make. My father wanted all of his children to join the military, I never really knew exactly why but I guess if you are a military parent it’ll make you proud. I then fell in love with basketball, but I thought I was too short for it. When I graduated high school I did not know what I wanted to be and how I am going to live my adult life. I did not know what to take for college or what I want to major on. I was a big procrastinator and such a lazy person; I gain weight because all I do is eat, school, and sleep. As I realized that my life started to drift off from success, something pop up in my head that I needed to pull myself together. The first thing that I had in mind is how am I going to pay my loan from school after I graduate. I could barely put gas in my car, what more if I had bills to pay. I did not want to become homeless and to be struggling throughout my whole life. Then it finally hit me, why not try to join the military? I did wanted to be active
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