My Life With Maximal Wellbeing

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Who we are, and our ability to define ourselves within the parameters of our present lives, depends on a multitude of factors that cumulate over the lifespan. Our ability to live a fulfilling life with maximal wellbeing is dependent largely on tools available for optimal mood regulation, at all stages of the lifespan. As an individual who has experienced severe emotional impairment to an extent where health and wellness has been compromised for extended periods of my life, I have found it my preoccupation to attempt to identify ways in which I am able to better manage my emotional self, thus find a place I feel comfortable and content in the world while being open to change as experience enlightens me. As mental ill-health loosens its hold on my life, I have come to realise and acknowledge the enormity of the influence that music, in its many manifestations, has had on this process. To lose myself to musical experience is now to find myself emotional awareness and balance. I am strengthened on the foundations of musical diversity, and through continuing to surrender myself to the potential of music, my notion of ‘self’ (governed by my emotional and psychological wellbeing) continues to broaden. I attribute my ability to now maintain a stable state of mind and emotional control to my relentless pursuit of connections with music. My choice of music listening repertoire is influenced by my mood, and consequently is wide and varied. I recognise my need at times for emotional
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