My Life With My Grandpa Essay

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The crunch of frozen grass could be heard a mile away at five o’clock in the morning. My grandpa and I whispered conversation as we strolled over to our favorite deer blind. We cautiously marched over sticks trying hard not to make any sounds. We eventually made it without spooking any deer and set our guns down, waiting for sunrise. These are the times I enjoy the most with my grandpa. It is a chance to sit back and enjoy life with one of my favorite people on this planet. Time goes slower in these moments. It gives us a chance to share conversation about anything. We swap stories from the past and I always seem to learn something new from my grandpa. Whether it be from advice he gives me or from an experience long ago, I’m always listening. Although our experiences may be different we still love to enjoy the same hobbies together, whether it’s woodworking, hunting, or time out on the lake; sharing life with my grandpa is priceless. Ever since I was little I always enjoyed standing beside my grandpa as he worked on projects in his shop. The smell of sawdust and the sound of power tools sparked my curiosity. My grandpa has a history with woodworking. He worked on building boats for his job and he was very good at it. People often come to him and asks him for help building things and he for the most part takes on the job and does it well. I’ve watched him over the years build one Chris-Craft boat and another Thompson from basically scratch. Just recently a

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