My Life With My Mom

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“You’re going to pick me up from the green doors, right mommy?” That was the one and only thing I would say to my mom every day when she dropped me off during my time in first grade. I didn’t want to go to school, make friends, nor learn; I simply wanted to stay home with my mom. It was a constant battle dropping me off at school. After a few weeks went by and nothing changed my teacher, Mrs. Bruno, had a solution. Early every morning she would wait for me outside the entrance and bring me into the classroom. When the day was done and it was time for pickup she would bring me to the green doors where my mom would be waiting. It took months to stop the tears and sadness but her nurturing personality made me feel at ease. I was able to develop a sense of security and trust knowing that I was being cared for and loved. Developing those features has contributed to who I am today because when I see someone sad, struggling, or hurt I feel for them and want to give them the sense of security that I was given. Middle school was a tough go around. The school in which I had attended, most kids had gone to the same school since Pre-K. I had moved and started at a new school for my fourth-grade year. I had made it by during fourth and fifth grade but when middle school came around it seemed more challenging. Not only did the work get harder but building friendships felt the same way. Since friendships and groups were already established it was hard to find the right fit. I was bullied

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