My Life With My Mother

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amounts of separation from my mother, even thou now I can look back and see if was just more then I was use to. Once into high school the separation grew larger, as I got older, her time for her boyfriends grew larger and I was left alone. I experienced a large disconnect with my mother, in which I spent more time living with my friends parents then I did my own. Also going back to throughout my junior high years a medical condition for numerous years that had gone undiagnosed and it created large amounts of avoidance towards my mother. I was very sick and my mother was told false information regarding my undetected and undiagnosed illness that made her what would her reactions and behaviors towards me improper. During my Illness I had…show more content…
Due to this I believe I had experienced different types and strengths of attachment with my own mother. I believe that during my younger years I had developed a strong secure attachment with my mother. My mother was always accessible to us children, and found to be responsible. After separation and exploring I was always excited and happy to see my mother, and to share with her the things I did while I was not with her. As I began to become a young adolescent the experiences I had with my mother changed the type of attachment I had with her. I went from being a securely attached child to a insecurely avoidant adolescent do to traumatic situations experienced and reliance on self independence. As an adolescent the time away from my mother did not affect me as much. When my mother would return I would not engage as I had when I was younger and we had brief periods of separation. I was slow to make contact with my mother. Instead of initially engaging on her return, I would wait to see if she was home for a few days and then spend time with her. I was independent with school, working, and spending my time with friends or how I saw fit. I also believe I lacked support in stressful times which has been stated by Mary Ainsworth (2005) to be an implication of insecure attachment. This was visible when I was physically ill, and needed a supporting loving mother in my life, who had once

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