My Life With My Mother

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Going to visit my mother and spending time with my boys is just what I needed. I loved spending time with my family. Now my step-father on the other hand irked my soul. My mother wasn 't always the best parent to live with which is the reason I lived with my grandmother. My mother at one time was a addict to not only drugs but alcohol. She met her husband right here in Kansas when was I was just thirteen years of age. He was just recently divorced from his wife and he was also a junkie and a drug addict. At one time I figured their demons were more attracted to each other than they were. My mother married him as soon as they left Kansas and hightailed it back to Chicago. I was right there through it all. The drug withdrawals, the fights, and the stupid arguments. Before I go any further let me say this. My step-father Raymond Gilford was also known as Rev. Raymond Gilford to some. Yes, my step-father at one time used to stand in the pulpit and give God the praise for being a recovering addict. Lies, all lies. That man used to stand up there and feed the congregation broken promises and empty pages full of broken dreams. How you gonna stand before broken souls and preach about how you have been delivered is beyond blasphemous. After service was over and he would receive his little money for preaching that Sunday and him and my mother would run off to the nearest crack house and get blasted. Looking at my mother now you wouldn 't even know she was about that life.

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