My Life With The Wave And The House Of The Spirits

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The relationship between men and women is necessary and will be necessary for humanity itself. The traditional values teach us that in order to expand a life with a person of the opposite sex, it must have to exist love in the relation. However, society does not have all the approval of passion without love, and many individuals experience conflicts for practicing passion lacking of love. In order to gain a better understanding of how certain individuals deal with love and passion, circumstances in the short story in “My Life with the Wave” and the film “The House of the Spirits”, accurately analyze the necessity of love though symbolism, characters, and conflict presented.
The titles in both stories are part of symbolism and gave a
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She would say that if her time had come to leave this world, it was alright. She had built endurance of accepting death will come one day. Anyways when she passed away, she became a spirit. She was always a good saint that never had any intentions of harming anyone. When Esteban was younger, he had raped a worker of his. The seed he planted in her came back to haunt him when he became older. That seed grew up to be malicious general in the army. The bastard son returned the same to Esteban, by raping his daughter. A difference between Octavio and Esteban was that Octavio was wealthy and Esteban wasn’t. The reason is that it states that Octavio was educated and former student of the National University of Mexico. Since having all of that education, he must have had money to go to those school. The reason that Octavio wrote My Life with the Wave was to show that love doesn’t come easily. Octavio’s story could be based on his love life or even maybe another person told him about their love life and he decided to write about it. Octavio opened the story with these first words, “When I left that sea, a wave moved ahead of the other”(676). It meant that there was a place full of women, which was the “sea.” In reality it was a tank. When he said “a wave,” he implied that only one woman stood out from the rest. Then the writer stated, “spite of shouts of the others who grabbed her by her floating clothes, she clutched my arm”(676). In other

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