My Life as a Quadriplegic College Student Essay

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My name is Rainee McDaniel and I am an 18 year old freshman at Texas State University. 1. My college experience is unlike any other because I am a quadriplegic. Quadriplegia is damage to the spinal cord around the area of one’s skull and neck, (Nathalie Smith, 2013). I can’t use any of my limbs, my arms and legs are basically useless to me. My wheelchair is what gets me around, I depend on it. (Józefowski, P., & Bolach, E) 1. There are many things I can’t do. I’m not given the opportunity to live that wild and crazy college life Nobody could even begin to understand what I go through on a daily basis, until they live it. “Quadriplegia involves paralysis of arms and legs” (Nathalie Smith, 2013), 4. I can’t even use the bathroom on my own.…show more content…
There are many changes that Texas State could make to accommodate my needs. I am in a wheelchair, and while it is quite handicap accessible, there is always room for improvement. We all know that this campus is one that involves a large amount of hills and stairs. These are not easy things to deal with when you are a quadriplegic because wheelchairs do not mix well with these things. Also, I often feel alone. (Józefowski, P., & Bolach, E). I know others like me are out there and feel alone as well. If Texas State could make an effort to recognize and bring together people with severe conditions it would decrease the alone feeling in each and every quadriplegic. It would also make others used to being around people with these conditions and help them see that we are no different. Clubs and organizations could be created in order to increase awareness of diversity at Texas State. These changes can and will affect everyone on campus. A more accessible campus would mostly just affect those with disabilities. We also have the power of words which can make everyone more aware of this disability. Once someone is more aware of something that they do not understand, they understand how to handle being in a situation where they must deal with this. In conclusion, if everyone was more aware of quadriplegics, and they understood that we are no different, we would feel less alone. People wouldn’t be afraid to talk to us and they wouldn’t treat us different than everybody
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