My Lifelong Goals Essay

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I have been taught for as long as I can remember that a person should always have goals. I remember starting High School and my teachers asking me what my goals were. I always answered with “to get all A’s in my classes” or “to do well in school.” To this day I still have many goals for myself and have achieved some of the ones i’ve made. I have completed up to High School level, and not failed a single class, which is one of the goals I made for myself when I entered HIgh School. I didn’t want to fail because that would appear on my transcript and make completing High School and getting into a University harder for me. I remember my senior year of high school the counselors had to pull each of us in and make sure we were on track to graduate and had an understanding of what we wanted to do with our future, and I was always glad to hear that I was on track. Then I told them that I was going to a University, and was going to study marketing, and they were surprised to hear that I already had a plan, and goals for myself. Getting into a University was also one of my goals, a big one actually. I wanted to be the first one in my family to attend a University. Which I did, I got into the only University I wanted to attend in Oregon. I had this goal throughout high school, I told myself Community College was not an option. Even though towards the end of high school I had doubts, and thought it might not be a possibility for me to attend a University I overcame those and completed…

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