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I have not posted any article in about 6 months, despite having several articles ready for a final edit, only leaving a click of the publish button..

However, I just can't do it.

I want to, but I just can't.

At first, it was because my wife was entering her 3rd trimester with our first child. This may not seem like a reason to not post articles that are effectively one last look-over away from being published. However, I have dyslexia, and because of that I am prone to spelling and grammatical mistakes that I will often miss. Whereas, my wife will catch while editing. With the subject of many articles on this site, I found it better to make sure I post articles with as little grammatical and spelling mistakes as possible. After all, it
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This is especially true in areas that give people eminence power over the people.

The goal of this site was to expose the lies taught to us about our past and present. After all, we as a society, can't make changes for the better if we are working with false pretenses that only benefit the few while hurting the many.

Although, my intention was to only focus on governmental or industry lies/propaganda a small portion of the time, while also writing positive/uplifting articles geared to shift the paradigm, so to speak. For instance, My plan was to spend more time highlighting things like Stan Meyers water-powered car, that would kill all notions that we NEED oil; Or article about the Law of Attraction, which might be what someone needs to unplug from the fear-based main 24/7 modern news cycle and be more cognizant on their thoughts. However, what happened was, I found myself focusing on all the negative things that were happening on a day-to-day basis.

The need to balance the negative - fear-based - articles on this site, with more uplifting articles showing great promise for the future of mankind, was something very important to me. Exposing the negative things politicians, world governments, industries, banks ect.. all the time put out way to much negative energy into the universe. The articles would end with encouraging words about how there is a shift in consciousness and the people are
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