My Life's Up And Downs And The Decisions

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As I look back at my life’s up and downs and the decisions I’ve made along the way, thing could have gone for better or worse, hence the motto in the title. I can recall making small decisions on what I should spend my time on, either play with my childhood friend’s after-school or review the homework that I finished in class? Playtime almost won every time. Even though I knew that reviewing some of my homework could only help me, even with the good grades I was already making, the decision was made that I wanted to play more than study. At an early age I began to finish my homework beforehand so I could spend more time out playing with my friends and eventually I formed a comfort zone that showed consistency and balance between my grades and studying habits; I studied zilch yet received high grades that included many A’s on tests. As time went on the same process continued and I was still able to remain on track and keep my high grades throughout middle and high school. The following years really struck me as a surprise when I entered my first college year and first set of assignments. Considering my standard “work-load” of finishing my homework at school was completely halted due to the mere fact that class lasted a lot longer but with no time to finish the homework assignment before leaving class yet even take a look at it. Everything was starting to get restructured and my ‘norm was thrown out the window after a rough first semester. Throughout my life there’s been

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