My Line Serving Spot - Original Writing

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I kept with my line-serving spot because it required less interaction. It also gave me a view of the entire room. Alex and Rhonda, on the other hand, were drink fillers. They walked around the room, talking and laughing with people, which gave them an alternate way to keep an eye on things. Moore was there and he made his rounds, talking to the volunteers and the people who were eating. After watching him a while, I realized most of the people he talked with were teenagers and kids. I must have been frowning because I got an odd look from Alex. I flicked my head toward Moore and Alex began to watch him. It didn’t take him long to realize the same thing I did. By the time dinner was done, we were all wiped. Alex, Rhonda and I basically…show more content…
I slowed to a stop and started down the alleyway. Running blindly into an alley after a demon didn’t strike me as smart. Alex and Rhonda were as out of breath as I was when they caught me. We were all trying to catch our breath when fox peeled, I mean literally peeled, out from the side of one of the buildings. “What is it?” Alex asked. Rhonda braced her hands on her knees, breathing hard. I looked at the two of them. “After.” The fox had grown and it was the size of a dumpster. It stepped forward baring its teeth and hissing. I flicked my wrist and watched the braided leather spew out some twelve feet. Apparently, Cat changed depending on the length I needed. Good to know. I cracked Cat and she snapped at the fox’s leg making it lunge. I rolled forward, coming up behind it and snapped Cat again. The foxes back leg made a sick crack and it turned on me, trying to rake its front claws down my shoulder. It limped, faced me, and lunged again. The fox struggled and clawed at me with its back foot. I rolled again, this time crashing into the dumpster, cutting my shoulder on a piece that was sticking out. I cracked Cat again, and the leather cord wound around its neck. The fox burned up and faded the same way the parrot had. I was on the ground, holding my shoulder as Alex and Rhonda came running over to me. “It’s gone,” I said through gritted teeth as Rhonda helped me sit up. “I’m going to have to invest in bandaids if this keeps happening.” Rhonda looked at me
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