My Lipster-Personal Narrative

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“Taylor is it bleeding? I can’t see it.” I said as I felt my lip that had just been bitten by my best friends dog. My lip began to throb, and I felt an indentation in my lip. Taylor just looked at me in shock. Her eyes were blank and she just sat there in the chair. I looked around her big beach themed living room to see if there was a mirror anywhere. There wasn’t. I began to panic. The dog just sat there as if he had did nothing wrong. I began to shake my hands became sweaty. Am I gonna have to get stitches? Do I have to go to the hospital? Thoughts spun in my head like a tornado. What am I gonna do? I ran through the long hallway to her bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I was afraid to look. When I opened my eyes I saw my lip and it was huge. It was gushing blood, but it didn’t hurt that bad. I looked over and saw the napkins I grabbed one and put pressure on my lip. “Taylor call my mom!” I screamed. “No I will call Jeannette!” She screamed back. “No my mom’s a doctor she is the one who will bring me to the hospital!” I screamed with anger in my voice. I was scared angry and nervous at the same time. I lived across the street from taylor so I grabbed my sperrys that were in the mud room and ran out the door. Taylor followed me to make sure I was okay. It was about nine forty five and I was…show more content…
I was still crying a little but not as much. I told my mom that I didn’t want dad coming in the car with us because he yelled at me and I was scared enough. She nodded and told him to take his car. On the way to the hospital my mom told me what they were going to do if I needed stitches and that I was going to be okay. I then focused on the flashing lights of cars that drove past us. When we pulled into the parking lot of the hospital I hopped out of the car and gave my mom the ice pack that was on my lip. The ice numbed my lip and it didn’t hurt at all. We walked up to the oor and my dad
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