My List Of Ten Traits

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My list of ten traits that I believe best describes me from most to least are calm, reserved, methodical, honest, helpful, adaptive, reliable, rational, funny, and adventurous. I believe that my calm trait best describes me because I am never rattled in high pressure situations. My reserved trait is next because I like to keep to myself and only speak when I feel it is needed. I am methodical because I like to plan and then follow the order that I created precisely on all activities. Being honest is another trait of mine because I take pride in telling the truth, but in a nice and polite way because I would prefer the same to be done with me. I am always helpful to people and sometimes I have gone out of my way to help others, even when he has put me in bad positions. Being adaptive is another strong trait that I possess because I have always been able to adjust to changes quickly without losing a step. I have always been known for being reliable because my friends and employers would always ask him to handle important errands because they know it will get done on time and correctly. Another trait of mine is being rational because I tend to not overanalyzing situations. I believe that I am funny and I like to make light of a lot of situations. I like to be adventurous and try new things and live outside the box. My ideal card sort list of my ten traits would be adventurous, honest, reliable, helpful, adaptive, rational, methodical, calm, funny, and reserved. My
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