My Listening Journal about My Girlfriend

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Walking side by side and making occasional turns to each other to exchange eye contact and non-verbal communications. I stepped in front to avoid running into a bush. Now in front, I proceeded to finish my sentence, with my body and head facing forward. She only heard a mumble, and commented, “What was that, Mr. Mumbles?’ To this comment I turned and repeated myself properly. A couple of things happened during this exchange. One, In turning my body and vocal focus away from my receiver, I broke the chain of effective communication, verbal and non-verbal. My girlfriend couldn't hear me, and because she could not see me, she was not able to see my non-verbals.
Tuesday, she wasn't listening My girlfriend and I were watching TV, her on her laptop, and I, playing candy crush on my phone. without lifting my head, I said “hey Tess, you wanna go hiking up highway 9 some time?” and after a short silence, I looked up from my device, and began a blank stare that lasted about three or four seconds. In those couple seconds, my mind was blank; my mind was accustomed to saying and receiving. This was confusing, but after a moment I realized that she had not heard me. However, by this time, she was already looking up at me, sharing near the same realization. Now, with mutual eye contact, I repeated myself. Tess heard me, and said “how about next Saturday?” and…
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