My Literacy Autobiography Essay

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The story of my history as a writer is a very long one. My writing has come full circle. I have changed very much throughout the years, both as I grew older and as I discovered more aspects of my own personality. The growth that I see when I look back is incredible, and it all seems to revolve around my emotions. I have always been a very emotional girl who feels things keenly. All of my truly memorable writing, looking back, has come from experiences that struck a chord with my developing self. This assignment has opened my eyes, despite my initial difficulty in writing it. When I was asked to write down my earliest memory of writing, at first I drew a blank. All of a sudden, it became very clear to me, probably because it had some…show more content…
I remember the fear that my first writing held. My mother did, in fact, see it and I was in more trouble than before. It was definitely not a wise choice on my part, but it certainly did provide a very colorful first memory of writing!

I have always loved to write, and it became even more evident when I entered elementary school. I quickly befriended a girl named Beth, who lived just down the road from me. One afternoon that I remember in particular was in the middle of the summer. She and I were set to write a book. We had read countless storybooks on our own, and we could not see why we could not write one too. We sat down with a notebook and two pencils, and we were set to go.

Beth and I took turns writing. I remember only being able to write about a half of a page before my hand would begin to hurt. We must have worked on it for about four hours, and then we were done with our masterpiece. Beth and I both thought that our book was by far the best we had ever read. We were sure we were the most ingenious children alive. The end result of our story was not so pleasant, however. We decided to read our story to my younger sister Kari, to gain her opinion on our brilliance. Kari hated the story. She became bored very quickly and found something else to do. Beth and I were crushed. However, we were determined to try again some day, and we did. We wrote countless stories
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