My Literacy Journey Was A Difficult One

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Getting Better The beginning on my literacy journey was a difficult one. Partly because I am dyslexic, and partly because I was not motivated by traditional things. I did not care about reading or writing. I did not want to waste my time with it. Nothing about it interested me. I felt that I was already going to fail at it no matter what. So whats the point? If some lady told you that no matter what you are going to have a hard time reading and writing because thats “how God made you” would you really be motivated to read and write? She said in that it didn 't mean I was not smart, but that I just couldn 't read or write as good as everyone else. This lady was the school psychologist, who tested me for learning disabilities in the first grade. After hearing the verdict from her I had no intention of being good at anything that had to do with reading or writing. It was dead to me. When I was young, elementary school age, I started being pulled out of class. I had to go to a “special” class for all of my English classes. The term “special class” is bull shit. Special implies that the people there would prefer to be there. Lie. Not a single kind in that class, especially me, wanted to be there. It was not special. It sucked, no one wants to have a hard time reading and writing, every single one of the students would give up their “special” class for the normal one. I hated it, “special” class yelled loud and clear to my peers “Brittney is stupid, she is not normal, she is…
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