My Little Pony Art Of World War II

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This soldier’s statements carry merit as there were a number of World War 2 military planes adorned with images of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck ready for battle. Even in the Brony fandom there exists a large a cache of military inspired My Little Pony art located on websites like DeviantArt portraying ponies military garb. There has even been an Air Force squadron which adopted a redesigned My Little Pony logo as their unit patch. Other soldiers defend their position as a Brony by expressing the need for people to have a need to get away from the stresses of life. They feel as though there is a distinction between the service they provide and activities they engage in during duty hours: Even if the main interest in MLP was escapism, all media is essentially escapism, whether it 's the rich rapper, the football star, or the action movie hero. Everyone to some extent lives vicariously through the entertainment they consume. At least this show let 's [sic] the audience escape to a world where integrity, loyalty, and kindness is exalted, rather than violence, cynicism, and overt sexuality. Part of what this soldier sees in Schlicter’s argument is the interpretation of the off duty hours activities. Engaging in a media text like My Little Pony does not take away from the job they do. It is simply a portion of their life that only appears contradictory because it competes with the image of military soldier presented in mainstream media and this soldier feels the message

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