My Long Process of Becoming a FCCLA State Officer

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I never thought I would someday become a role model to nearly 12,000 Missouri high school students. These students are not any ordinary students; they are members of an organization that is truly the ultimate leadership experience. This organization is known as the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and is a student led organization, based off of family and consumer sciences education. FCCLA has given me unbelievable opportunities! But of all of the opportunities this organization has provided me with, serving as a FCCLA state officer has definitely been the best. However, becoming a state officer wasn’t easy and required a long process. It all began in January 2013, when I was elected as my region’s state officer candidate. In order to be elected as a state officer candidate, I had to prepare a two-minute speech as well as study for a FCCLA knowledge test. Once regional elections day had arrived, my first priority was to take the knowledge test. This test consisted of various questions about FCCLA to prepare me for my upcoming term, if elected. I took the test at ease and passed with a rousing one hundred percent! It was now time for the, “Meet the Candidates,” portion of the day, where I introduced myself to many voting delegates as they asked me various situational based questions about FCCLA. Once this portion was over, I was now on my way to the most stressful part of the day- giving my speech. As I walked on the stage and began my speech, my
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