My Long Term Goals Of The United States

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While I was reading some quotes online, one quote stood out in particular. Don’t ask me who Kelly Rudolph is but when she said, “Taking care of yourself makes you stronger for everyone in your life… including you,” she was speaking directly to me and the timing was impeccable. I want to be resilient and capable of helping everyone around me. Well, maybe not everyone, but I want to do what I can. Recently, I realized that I had to start taking care of well being and myself in order to care for others. Getting to that point in my life where I am situated and stable so that it becomes easier for me to do more for my family is my long-term goal. My parents were both born in Central America. They came to the United States “por tierra” which literally translates to “through land.” This means they did not have the luxury to sit on a plane and were considered aliens as soon as they stepped foot on American soil. In the U.S., they met through mutual friends, hit it off and I was born a year later. December 16, 1996 was the exact day I became my father’s first-born child and my mom’s second baby girl. My mom’s first daughter was born and bred in El Salvador so I didn’t know much about her growing up. About five years later, my younger twin sisters were born in the Fairfax hospital. That’s when we realized our apartment in Colonial Village was too small for all of us. So we packed our things and moved to Manassas Park, this is where I started and finished school. I’ve lived in

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