My Lost Cat Short Story

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Finding My Lost Cat “Hurry up Teagan and get the pets or we're gonna be late!” I slowly got up out of bed and got my Tshirt on with my jean shorts and when to my mom and dad’s room was so I could watch the pets. I heard screaming and shouting going on downstairs. My pets Scooter the black cat, Nikko the French bulldog, and Autumn the tortoiseshell cat never even noticed all the comotion. There were twenty moving men in my house with me and my family, trying to get everything put into boxes and into the moving truck or to the uhaul. I was really stressed because i'm not used to having people shouting all the time. But I was not packing or downstairs I was upstairs watching our pets, all three of them. My house was a mad hose for the whole day with movers yelling “No that goes in the uhaul!” or “ that goes into the truck!”. But on top of all that chaos my sister was yelling and screaming saying “ I DON'T WANNA LEAVE!” The day way crazy until it turned dark when all the movers had put every box, pillow, and couch into the right truck.Finally all the movers were gone and we had everything packed. I was happy that that time was over. All I needed to to now was go inside and grab the pets so we can get going. Suddenly, as I turned to go inside and grab the animals I saw that the movers left the front door wide open. Fear suddenly rose up inside me like a rocket going into the air. I was worried. What If one got out?. The thought of that made me sprint and fast as I
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