My Love, A Nigerian Movie

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‘My Love’, a Nigerian movie to be shown on our Campus This interesting film was produced by Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche in the year 2002, and it was accepted worldwide due to its advantageous messages to the youths, especially on campuses. It blends well with the exact happenings in our societies this day as the story was highly original. The Title, ‘my love’ might not catch much attention until it is shown here on campus and watched by the student populace. This film, ‘My Love’ should be shown on campus so that the students who are also the leaders of tomorrow will know who, how and when to love. One of the nagging problems nowadays is the frustrations that arise in terms of choice making on the part of our youths and the wrong decisions that follow. This of course can be tackled among our youths if this film is shown on this Campus for the entire students. ‘My Love’ is a must watched film for every youth across the globe. ‘My Love’ is a Nigerian movie which is to be shown on campus so in order to educate young people on whom to love. Real love is of course the foundation of every marriage, and marriage forms an important part of every individual life. The problem of wrong choice is very common among the youths of this generation and one of the ways to correct it is to get a play related to the situation, show it in schools and enable the students to have the real feelings. ‘My Love’ is a film whereby a lady wrongfully fell in love with a guy that his background was well known to
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