My Love Affair With Computers

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE My love affair with computers started in high school when I read about the work of Alan Turing and how he created an advanced computer system to break German codes and thus helped win the war. My fascination grew when I found out that the console games I played at home were essentially pieces of computer codes running on specialized computer systems. When I had Computer Applications as a course of study in my school, I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find how these intelligent machines ticked. Sensing my curiosity, my family bought me a computer system, which greatly contributed to my knowledge of this wonderful device. I explored every nook and cranny, trying to understand and further deepen my knowledge in this particular field, going as far as sneaking into advanced classes on computers in my school. As I grew up, I observed that Computers find their application in a wide range of fields from high end devices in large scale industries to the smallest appliances used in homes; practically everything can be controlled by computers. So naturally when it came to picking the subject of my choice at undergraduate level, I picked Computer Science as my field of study. During my under graduation, I was exposed to subjects such as Software Engineering, Microprocessor Interfacing and Computer Network. While software engineering cleared my concepts and understanding of the actual software term, computer networks helped me understand how
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