My Love For Art

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a deep love for art. Whether it was painting, drawing, dancing, music, acting, or building and designing, I was completely into it and I wanted to know everything and anything about it. As I began to grow up, I also started looking more deeply into it and doing more historical research to learn about different types of art, techniques used, the way artists think or what their creations mean, and what inspired them. It fascinates me. When I was 4, my dream was to become a painter. I would wake up early in the morning to watch Bob Ross paint and buy art kits, sketchbooks, paint, brushes, coloring utensils, craft supplies, or anything else that I could get my hands on. I was obsessed.
As I grew older my sketches improved and I began to be inspired by my surroundings, nature, and my imagination. It helped me think more creatively, which helped me in school, especially on projects and writing, even though I hated writing. Although I became better at drawing and art, I also began to have more responsibilities, which became my top priority and consumed up my time. This year I want to focus more on my grades and improving my work productivity, but I also want to dedicate more time to sketching and painting, and also practicing guitar because I’m in love with music. My favorite genre is Classical, but I also enjoy Jazz and Rock. Music and art help me relax my mind and focus, which is why I want to dedicate more time to them this year, to avoid
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