My Love For Music

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Life as a teenager today can be very stressful and sometimes intense. One must reflect to outweigh these crazy times with special moments and special people. Being a team member in many Pine Richland High School Band programs has allowed me to dive in and move forward sharing my love for music and touching the lives of others.
My involvement in the band has led me out of my comfort-zone, and allowed me to be a strong and confident leader. Through my achievement of various leadership roles and opportunities in my school and community, I attribute my love for helping people and love of music in making me a unique person. Music has given me the ability to shout, plunk out keys on the piano, or play crazy-high notes on my flute, and not be afraid of what others may think. My unique, responsible, caring leadership attributes and love for music are reflected as I stand at the top of a metal ladder, shouting across the football field. As one of my band’s Drum Majors, I am responsible for leading our 266 Pine-Richland marching band. On the first day of band camp, I was terrified no one would listen to me, I would not remember what to do, or I simply wouldn’t be good enough. However, soon I realized I deserved my position and would help our band be its best. I gave it my all, and sooner than later, my shouts could be heard across the field and my whistle pierced the air. The dedication, determination, knowledge, and love of music has helped me express who I am and strive to be, and

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