My Love Gottman Summary

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I decided to read this book to review it for my own relationship although I am not married I think this is a great read for anyone in a serious committed relationship. Throughout this book Gottman uses scientific reasoning to show that emotional intelligence is a skill that one can gain through his book to gain a thriving relationship. This book's main idea is discussing the different marital difficulties and ways to improve, repair or make your relationship reach its full potential. This book also emphasizes how the difficulties within a marriage can lead to divorce or an unhappy marriage. I believe that Gottman published this book with the hope to help those with broken marriages to re-find their love and strengthen their marriages. The main argument in this book is that people within their marriages can gain emotional intelligence skills that they can make their marriages thrives and be happy partners.…show more content…
This book’s most important theoretical claim is the seven principles that will make marriages work and Four Horseman of the Marriage Apocalypse that will make your marriage fail. The seven principles included Enhance Your Love Maps, Nurture Your Fondness and Admiration, Turn Toward Each Other Instead of Away, Let Your Partner Influence You, Solve Your Solvable Problems, and Overcome Gridlock Overall. The Four Horseman include Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stonewalling. Also included in this book is are excises that the partners can do together or that the reader can do alone in order to actually apply the science and theories
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