My Love In Baseball And Baseball

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It’s a brisk fall morning, as I walk down the hill to the athletic center. The sun is just beginning to rise and there is dew on the cut grass. I am heading to a meeting with my coach, letting him know that I will be done playing collegiate baseball, my first love. Since I can remember, I was in love with game of baseball. I believe that when I was a kid, baseball taught me how to be passionate. I remember always impatiently waiting to play catch with my Dad or play wiffleball with my brother. I believe baseball has taught me more than just passion but it has also taught me a number of life lessons and has also shaped who I am as a person today. Baseball in high school taught me how to have a work ethic. Having grown up in a small working class Wisconsin town, having a work ethic is something that was instilled in you at a young age. I began implementing my hard work ethic both in baseball and in my academics right away. I spent countless hours before and after school in the gym, classroom or on the field. From this, I found success both in academics and in baseball. During my time in high school and having had success both in the classroom and on the field I had the opportunity to go to a top Liberal Arts College, St. Olaf. I believe that my work ethic was the reasoning I was able to pursue and obtain a great education and play collegiate baseball. To this day, I take pride in myself for having a strong work ethic. During my time playing collegiate baseball I
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