My Love Letter Virus Code

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The code described is characterized as “I Love you virus” or “Love Letter Virus” it was a computer worm first spotted in Asia, was then caught circulating and contaminating in millions of computer worldwide. (Knight, 2000)
Creator and his background
Suspect behind Love Letter virus code was Onel Guzman’s (age 23), since a similar thesis was rejected for his graduation course at AMA Computer University in Makati, Philippines, it was made to steal password from the internet, he and his friend Michael Buen both were members of underground group GRAMMERsoft from there they illegally sold homework to other students from the college. (Sprinkel & Shannon, 2002; Ducklin, 2015)
Generalized Overview
It was easy for victim to believe the mails are coming from known individuals and therefore where considered “safe” to open and since it was sending mails to all the contacts on victim’s address book it was only required for a few to open the attachments to infect a million more. Love Letter Worm in its first 5 hours costed $750 million while U.S Spread has done estimated damages of US$1 billion and furthermore $15 billion worldwide, governments and people spent about US$15 billion to remove the worm from infected computers. In about ten days of spread the worm was able to infect about 50 million computers worldwide, Government agencies like CIA and the British Parliament and other big Companies closed their mailing systems. (Meserve,2000;

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