My Love Life Essay

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Pain has a way of changing people- at least that is true in my case. It has been four months, yet I do not know what happened to my father. My mother is losing it every day- I see her life slipping away from her and I wish there was something I could do, but if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. I was a bubbly girl, who used to talk to everyone I met but now I am a shell of myself. I barely get by at work and I know my boss is almost tired of me. I do not blame him though because he can only do so much with a business to run. My love life is nonexistent because my boyfriend of three years said he could no longer take my mood swings. He hasn’t spoken to me in three weeks.
I wish I knew how he died, at least I would get some closure, but now I am not even sure if he is dead. The policemen say they couldn’t find his remains or any parts of his car in the water where he is thought to have drowned. I do not believe them because it would mean my father faked his own death to get away from us. The man I had grown admiring could not do that, he was many things but I never knew him to be the type who ran from his problems.
My name is Laura Ruth, only child to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Webster and grandchild the former mayor of Jiji Town, Mr. Webster Senior. I lost my dad in a bridge accident on rainy Friday evening when three cars had a head on collision. It is said my father drowned but the coroners haven’t found any of his remains, nor any part of his car. I am here to find
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