My Love Of Christ Through One Act Of Kindness Essay

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Everything changed for me on March 23rd, 2016, when one girl with an extraordinary heart showed me the love of Christ through one act of kindness. I was a shy sixteen year old boy at that time who played the Christian “game” to fit in at my Christian School. A typical Wednesday sermon at my school would be the catalyst that lead to a decision that changed my life. The sermon lead me to try out a youth group called fusion where my life would be saved. I am eternally thankful for the kindness I was shown and will forever be changed all because one girl decided she would do what loves does. I always felt separated at school and God was nothing more than a chore I had to deal with in Bible class. Every day at school I pretended to be a Christian but knew underneath I was lost. In addition, I was very shy and introverted socially. I always thought I was doomed to fail at life because I was so quite in social situations. This fear turned out to be what drove me to God ultimately. It was a typical Wednesday at school and I was not looking forward to what was coming later that day. My Christian school had Wednesday chapels and I always thought they were the most boring thing in the world. Guest speakers would come from local churches and speak sermons while I dazed off thinking about what video game I would play later that day. The couple of weeks leading up to this day, my dad had been wanting me to join a youth group so I would be pushed outside of my introverted
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