My Love Of Math As A Career In Math

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When I sit down to think about critical events in my K-12 experiences, my first thought goes to when I changed schools. I switched from a private school, to a public school between my 3rd and 4th grade years. Once I switched schools, I realized how much more advanced I was in mathematics as compared to my peers. Because I am such a competitive person, I was immediately drawn to the things that I was best at, because then I can “win”. Before I changed schools, I knew that I enjoyed math, but this realization is really what cemented my love of math. So, for this reason, the majority of my life, I’ve known that I wanted to do something related to math. These feelings only intensified as I got older and into classes like Algebra and Pre-Calculus. For me, when I was faced with a math problem, it was like a puzzle. I knew there was an answer and I had faith in myself that I could find the answer if I kept trying hard enough. I enjoyed sitting down, and working on a problem, because it was so rewarding and exciting when I figured out the answer. Despite knowing that I wanted to do something math related for so long, I never had any idea what specific career within the mathematics field that I wanted to pursue. Most of the mathematics careers that I looked into sounded really boring to my early-teens self. The only one that somewhat caught my attention was teaching. In addition to that, my Geometry teacher, who I also had for Algebra II the next year, was an amazing teacher who
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