My Love Of Medicine

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I was born and raised in Sudan, which located in North Africa, and I enjoyed my childhood there. I spent most of the time outdoors exploring the environment and interacting with different the creatures around me, which fostered my curiosity. When I was seven years old, my younger brother suffered a second-degree burn that affected a large area of his body. He was admitted to the hospital and spent 14 days in the burn unit. I was fascinated by the doctors who took care of him, and their ability to ease patients’ pain and cure their illnesses. Since then, I have admired and respected doctors and decided to become a passionate doctor myself. My love of medicine grew with me day by day until I finally enrolled in the medical school. During my study at medical school, I took every opportunity I had to increase my depth of knowledge, strengthen my clinical skills, and develop professionally with the goal of becoming an excellent doctor. I enjoyed learning medicine and I actively participated in case presentations, as well as research activities. Even as a student, I was active in teaching my junior students. I did well on the academic side and I actually earned the prize of Pediatrics in the final year, which awarded to the top ranked student. Moreover, I also involved in extracurricular activities, I volunteered in multiple community programs, delivering free clinics, health education, and free children vaccination campaigns to rural areas.
After graduating, I worked as
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