My Love Of Science

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I grew up in a rough home environment, where my escape was to invest as much time as I could in learning. My favorite type of learning was chemistry at least that’s what I learned that it was called it as I got older. My grandfather owned a small pool and spa service company and I would always want to go to jobs with him, this is where I learned about the basics of chemistry and biology. Each time I went on the job with him I would receive a small amount of money at the end of the day, me being the ambitious child that I was my eyes lit up, and the journey began. My grandfather is the biggest sponsor to my literacy in chemistry and biology. Though he knew only a small amount of information about both of the subjects, I thought that he was an all-knowing mastermind. He taught me his ways, simple water P.H and alkaline level tests and how to interpret the meaning of the results of the tests. Then what is the best way to address the results with which specific chemicals. Although these events are what started the snowball effect for my love of the sciences my grandfather was only the first sponsor of my literacy in science. In primary education, I didn’t get much influence with the literacy in sciences, I believe that the teachers didn’t have the compassion about the topics that I did. It wasn’t until high school that I got back in touch with my love for science and my literacy strengthened beyond basic chemistry and simple biology. I took my first science course in high
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