My Love Story

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A long time ago, it was just another day of high school, and Susan was wondering who would ask her to the dance Friday. Her crush Andrew was her hope, but she never knew if he liked her. After school that day, Andrew walked up to her and out of nowhere asked her to the dance. Susan practically screamed with excitement.
Ten years later, Susan and Andrew sunny just got married and Benjamin there ten year old son was sick of them smooching all the time. Ben had just got a new dog named Bruce. Bruce was always there for Ben through the tough times. Ben loved being an only child and never really wanted a sibling. When Ben came home after school one day, he could not find his mom or dad anywhere. This was not the first time he was home alone, so he just watched TV till his parents got home. He thought they just got called to work for a while. He never even thought twice about it. That is why he was so surprised when his mom walked in holding a pink bundle in her arms. She walked over to Ben and said “meet your new baby sister Sofia”. Ben was mad at first till he saw Sofia’s face, his heart melted. Now he knew that he did want a sibling, a sister. He only wanted a sister no more, no less. Soon when Sofia was eight Ben had enough of her, he did not like his sister now that she was all grown up. She would always pester him and pull his hair. Ben wished Sofia was a boy because he wanted a brother to play with. That brother will be interested in all the stuff that Ben liked. That

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